NYC Home to Nation's Top 3 Burgers: Foursquare

Thursday is International Burger Day, and New Yorkers looking to celebrate won't have to venture more than a few subway stops for some of the nation's tastiest hamburgers.

A whopping 16 restaurants were listed among the top 50 burger joints in America, according to the social media network Foursquare. Big Apple restaurants claimed each of the top three spots and four out of the top five, according to Foursquare's list. 

Minetta Tavern, the venerable Greenwich Village steakhouse, took the top spot in the rankings. Burger Joint, in midtown, was named the country's second-best burger, while Shake Shack took the third spot.

Several other popular Manhattan burger joints, including Corner Bistro and The Spotted Pig, made the list. DuMont Burger, in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, and Bareburger's location in Queens, were also among the top 50 burgers in the country. 

The rankings listed the top-rated locations for burger chains across the country using Foursquare data.

Restaurants like Shake Shack and Five Napkin Burger were included in the rankings, but only each chain's top-rated location. 

The full list below:

Rank       Burger Joint                                    Location

1              Minetta Tavern                                 NY, NY

2              Burger Joint                                      NY, NY

3              Shake Shack                                    NY, NY

4              Gordon Ramsay BurGR                  Las Vegas, NV

5              J.G.Melon                                         NY, NY

6              Kuma's Corner                                Chicago, IL

7              AJ Bombers                                     Milwaukee, WI

8              5 Napkin Burger                               NY, NY

9              The Spotted Pig                               NY, NY

10            Hopdoddy Burger Bar                      Austin, TX

11            Corner Bistro                                    NY, NY

12            Umami Burger                                  NY, NY

13            The Breslin Bar & Dining Room       NY, NY

14            Father's Office                                 Los Angeles, CA

15            Super Duper Burger                        San Francisco, CA

16            Au Cheval                                        Chicago, IL

17            The Vortex Bar & Grill                      Atlanta, GA

18            DMK Burger Bar                              Chicago, IL

19            Holstein's                                         Las Vegas, NV

20            The Cherry Cricket                          Denver, CO

21            The Pharmacy                                 Nashville, TN

22            Good Stuff Eatery                            Washington D.C.

23            Burger Bar                                       Las Vegas, NV

24            B&B Winepub (Burger & Barrel)      NY, NY

25            Casino El Camino                            Austin, TX

26            Hodad's                                           San Diego, CA

27            Port of Call                                      New Orleans, LA

28            Tasty Burger                                   Boston, MA

29            PYT                                                 Philadelphia, PA

30            Yo Mama's Bar & Grill                     New Orleans, LA

31            P.J. Clarke's                                    NY, NY

32            Bill's Bar & Burger                           NY, NY

33            FLiP Burger Boutique                      Atlanta, GA

34            YEAH! Burger                                  Atlanta, GA

35            In-n-Out Burger                                Hollywood, CA

36            Gott's Roadside                               San Francisco, CA

37            The Apple Pan                                 Los Angeles, CA

38            Burger & Beer Joint (B&B)               Miami Beach, FL

39            Bareburger                                       Astoria, NY

40            Ruby's Cafe                                      NY, NY

41          DuMont Burger                                 Brooklyn, NY

42            Village Whiskey                                Philadelphia, PA

43            Abbey Burger Bistro                         Baltimore, MD

44            Roam Artisan Burgers                      San Francisco, CA

45            The Counter                                     NY, NY

46            Sobelman's Pub & Grill                    Milwaukee, WI

47            Grindhouse Killer Burgers                Atlanta, GA

48            Casper & Runyon's Nook                Saint Paul, MN

49            Burger Bar                                        Chicago, IL

50            Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage           Cambridge, MA

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