‘Get Out of That Tree!' Homeowners Yell as Bear Tromps Through New Jersey Backyards, Takes Nap

A wandering bear has managed to get away yet again, even after police kept a watchful eye as it napped for hours up in a tree in New Jersey Monday. 

The bear made its initial appearance in Siranni Park, prompting police to caution residents to call 911 if they spot it. Officials told News 4 the bear appears to be male, possibly a yearling, about 200 pounds. 

Chopper 4 was over the scene as the bear headed to the woods, not far from a church, and climbed a tree. From there, it was seen looking down at a yellow jacket-clad man presumably there to help bring it to safety. Later, it shimmied down the tree and ran across the street. 

Video showed people yelling, "Get out of that tree!" as the bear tromped through neighborhood backyards. 

By late morning, animal control had decided to stand back and let the bear keep napping in a tree. They planned to monitor the bear in hopes it goes back to the woods on its own. (If it heads toward Route 17, they plan to tranquilize him.) 

The bruin napped for hours all through the evening. Animal control said they couldn't tranquilize him because he was too high up and could be seriously hurt if he slips.

Then on late Monday night, he woke up and News 4 cameras captured him slinking down behind the tree, playing a bit of peekaboo. He ran through the yards, away from police, away from homes and neighbors -- and just as quickly as he moved in, he moved out.

Paramus police tweeted that they'd lost him. He's on the loose, and police hope, in the woods. They say if anyone sees the bear, they should stay away from him.

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