Baby Camel Debuts at Bronx Zoo

The male dromedary camel is the first born at the zoo since 1982

An adorable camel recently made its debut at the Bronx Zoo's Wild Asia exhibit.

The male dromedary camel is the first born at the zoo since 1982. He weighed about 80 pounds when he was born in March and could grow to be more than 1,500 pounds as an adult.

Dromedary camels are native to Northern Africa and Arabic regions of Asia. They have one hump, which easily distinguishes them from their two-humped cousin the bactrian camel.

Baby camels are born without humps. They don't develop until the animals start eating solid foods. (The new Bronx Zoo camel has his hump because he's already three months old in the photo above.)

The Bronx Zoo has 12 dromedary camels and one bactrian camel.Although most camels are tan or brown, they can range from white to black. 

The new calf is the only white camel in the zoo’s herd.

Visitors to WCS’s Bronx Zoo can ride one of the adult camels at Asia Plaza.

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