New Jersey

4 Hurt as Minibus Slams Into New Jersey Group Home: Police

Four people had minor injuries after a minibus slammed into a group home in New Jersey on Thursday evening, according to authorities. 

The bus careened through the side of the group home on West Northfield Road in Livingston at about 5:30 p.m., according to police. 

The driver told authorities her brakes failed before the crash, and that she had driven along the side of the road for as long as she could before turning toward the lawn and scraping into the garage to the building.

Chopper 4 footage from the scene shows the transport van behind the home, crashed into the woods. The home, meanwhile, appears to have heavy damage, with the side of the garage all but obliterated.

Authorities said the bus -- which was carrying residents of the group home -- narrowly missed four people inside the home. And if the trajectory of the bus was just five feet to the left, police said the bus could have toppled into a ditch.

Three passengers and the vehicle's driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The group home's residents were moved to a hotel until the structural integrity of the building could be assessed. 

It's not clear if charges will be filed in the mishap.

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