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Wolf Dog Found in Queens Has a New Home in New Jersey

The dog is expected to soon be put up for adoption.



    Wolf-Dog Hybrid Looking For New Home

    A wolf-dog hybrid found roaming through the streets of Queens is now being cared for at a farm in New Jersey until it can be adopted. However, not everyone can legally take the animal home. News4's Brian Thompson explains. (Published Monday, Dec. 26, 2011)

    The abandoned wolf-dog hybrid found on the streets of Queens just a few days before Christmas is now adjusting to a new home at the Howling Woods Farm in Jackson, N.J.

    And Mike Hodanish, who runs the farm that specializes in rescuing wolf dogs, says Lady, now renamed Winona, is in good shape.

    "Her demeanor is fine, she's not growled at anyone who's come up to pet her," Hodanish said.

    Wolf dogs, usually several generations removed from the wolf parent, are nonetheless illegal in New York and several other states, but not in New Jersey, according to Hodanish.

    And this wolf dog from Queens came across as shy, and almost afraid of men while comforted by women and children, Hodanish said.

    He added that Winona did sleep in his house the first night she was there.

    Hodanish keeps about half a dozen wolf dogs as personal pets.

    Winona should be ready for adoption within a week or so, Hodanish said.  For more information about Winona and other wolf dogs check the Howling Woods web site

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