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Thompson to Bloomberg: Listen to the People



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    Bill Thompson has no regrets, but does have some advice for Mayor Bloomberg.

    “I think the people of New York [are] saying and speaking loudly, ‘We want to go in a different direction.’ And I think he should pay attention to that,” Thompson told the Daily News.

    Thompson was referring to Bloomberg’s slim win in the mayor’s race on Tuesday, where the incumbent squeaked by with only 50.6 percent of the vote. Thompson got 46 percent.

    “It was definitely not a mandate,” said Thompson.

    The outgoing city comptroller believes that his campaign gave voice to Gothamites who think the city is headed in the wrong direction.

    “It wasn’t just the term limit issue,” he said. “You talk about the affordability issue in the city of New York and people not being able to stay and live here.

    “He should listen to what the voters said on Tuesday night.”

    Bloomberg, on the other hand, believes that the slim majority was a mandate.

    “In terms of myself, you know, I am what I am,” the mayor said after his win. “I want to make sure that we keep reaching out, making sure people have the ability to give us input and to listen to that input and improve the city.”