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The Busiest Subway Turnstile in NYC

The turnstile's been swiped over 1.4 million times this year.



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    Commuters pass through turnstiles before boarding a Manhattan-bound train at Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard station in Queens--which is not, by the way, the busiest turnstile in New York City.

    Here's a bar trivia question, New York-style: Where's the city's most used subway turnstile?

    A turnstile at Manhattan's Columbus Circle registered more than 1.4 million swipes this past year, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
    It's even more now, since the MTA counted on Aug. 19.
    One subway rider had a theory as to why that one takes the prize, telling the Daily News that it's the closest one to the escalator.
    The A, B, C, D, 1, and 2 trains all run through the Columbus Circle station.
    The runners-up among most-used New York turnstiles are two turnstiles next to each other at the Jamaica Center station in Queens.
    A turnstile at Times Square and two at Grand Central Terminal are next.