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Rex Ryan Reveals Meaning of New Tattoo



    Rex Ryan Reveals Meaning of New Tattoo
    The leg of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, center, is seen with a tattoo during the team's first official camp practice Monday.

    Rex Ryan's new tattoo is big, bold and has a simple message: Believe in yourself.

    "Which I've got no problem doing," the New York Jets coach says.

    He revealed the meaning of his tribal-style ink, which he got while on vacation in Hawaii last month, on the team's Facebook page Tuesday.

    The tattoo is black and curls up from the top of his right ankle to just below his knee. It's hard to tell exactly what it is, but Ryan says it features mountains, waves and a shark's tooth.

    The Jets challenged fans to try to correctly guess the meaning on its Facebook page.

    Ryan says he has heard people say he must be having a mid-life crisis, but the 48-year-old coach says the tattoo is just "mid-life hieroglyphics."