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Anti-Ratner F-Bomb on Brooklyn Traffic Sign

Flickr user catches traffic gaffe



    Anti-Ratner F-Bomb on Brooklyn Traffic Sign
    Duelin Markers via Flickr
    A sign in Brooklyn shows how some residents feel about developer Bruce Ratner.

    Tell us how you really feel?

    An expletive laden insult directed at Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner was electrically put on display early Tuesday morning in Brooklyn.

    The electronic traffic sign located at the Flatbush and St. Marks intersection was supposed to read "Fifth Ave. Closed" but instead said: "F--- Ratner," the Daily News first reported.

    It is unknown of who was behind the prank, but who ever it was succeeded by breaking the sign's lock.

    Although workers were able to clear the message by 10 a.m., many locals caught sight of the gaffe, with pictures appearing on blogs all over the Internet.

    According to the Department of Transportation, the sign is under the maintenance of the developer's company Forest City Ratner, reported the News.

    In a statement released to NBCNewYork, a Ratner spokesman said:

     "The signs are owned and operated by contractors working on the site. Some irresponsible prankster apparently thinks it's fun to compromise public safety by hacking into the sign and changing the message. It is not funny.  It is serious and offensive and most importantly a safety issue.  We are reporting the vandalism to the Police Department."

    Still, It could be worse. It could be zombie strippers.

    Ratner's development firm, Forest City Ratner, broke ground in early March on the 22-acre, much-delayed Atlantic Yards project that will eventually bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn.

    Homeowners and community leaders in Prospect Heights and surrounding neighborhoods have raised a number of objections and filed numerous lawsuits to try and stop the 16 tower project  -- one of which was that the project had changed markedly since getting state approval three years ago.