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Look Out for Zombie Strippers on Oregon Freeway

Guard your brains



    We don't know whether to run away or pull up a seat and get out some $1 bills.

    There's been another traffic sign warning drivers of "zombies." This time it happened in Oregon. And this time they're exotic dancers.

    Beware of Zombies (RAW)

    [LA] Beware of Zombies (RAW)
    A hacked freeway sign in Oregon lets drivers know to be on the lookout for zombie strippers. (Published Friday, July 31, 2009)

    Motorists in Portland saw a contractor's sign Wednesday near the Ross Island Bridge.

    A prankster apparently accessed the sign's controls and typed in the message "Caution Zombie Strippers."

    The sign was spotted by officials and turned off Thursday.

    There has been a trend of hacked highway signs alerting motorists to zombie hordes the brain-eating monsters were first reported in Austin, Texas. in January.