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Paterson Jabs Back at SNL

Paterson threatens show staff with "a few left hands"



    Paterson Jabs Back at SNL
    David Paterson

    Governor David Paterson was the butt of the joke again on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he's getting tired of it. In fact, he's getting down right violent.

    In a segment on the Weekend Update show, Fred Armisen comes to the news desk, whizzing in on a wheeled office chair, and greets the audience, "Hello Yankee Stadium!"

    "I can take a joke about my disability. I make fun of my own disability," he said on the "Imus" show Wednesday Morning on Fox Business Channel. "I don't bounce off walls. And if anyone at Saturday Night Live would like to have me on, we could find out. Maybe I could bounce a few left hands off of them.”

    He noted that about 70 percent of blind people are unemployed, and that jokes like the one on SNL only perpetuate a negative stereotype.

    Funny enough, the fake David Paterson spent most of the segment making stereotypical jokes about New Jersey.

    "Whenever I hear boos, I know I'm in Albany -- and whenever I smell cheap cologne and raccoons, I know I'm in, New Jersey!" said Armisen, mugging cock-eyed for the camera.

    Later he called the cast of the "Jersey Shore" the state's version of the "McLaughlin Group."