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New York Sends Garbage Stimulus to Philadelphia



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    As Tony Soprano knew, garbage hauling can be a lucrative (legitimate) business

    Six days a week, New Yorkers are sending upwards of 2,500 tons of their trash to landfills north of Philadelphia, many located in towns just 30 miles from the Citizens Bank Park, the home stadium of the Philadelphia Phillies.

    While some see the daily dumping as the ultimate in cross-city trash talk, the Times looks at how lucrative and beneficial it is for the local municipalities and people that live nearby.

    Many residents get free trash pick up, four-wheel-drive vehicles for their police department, and annual checks ($5,000 each this year), but that doesn't leave everyone welcoming New York's garbage with open arms.

    One woman, Henrietta Hansberry, a co-owner of Anthony's IV Pizza & Pasta, told the Times reporter who bravely ventured down south to "keep your losing Yankees up there and keep your trash up there," while another resident said they're not exactly "jumping for joy" as the trucks drive by.