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12 Businesses Burglarized in 3 NJ Towns

Some of the damage cost more than the actual theft of money



    Police say stores in New Milford, Garfield, and Clifton were burglarized over the weekend, in some cases leaving behind damage more costly than the thefts. The attacks have not been connected yet. Ida Siegal reports. (Published Monday, Jan. 23, 2012)

    Business owners across three northern New Jersey towns were cleaning up Monday after a series of weekend smash-and-grabs.

    At one restaurant, the break-in damage cost more than the actual theft.

    "They took the whole register... there isn't too much money in there," said Ziki Zubri, owner of Tony's Pizza. "Maybe $20, all coins."

    But the damage to the door cost $400 to fix, and the register had to be replaced at $300, said Zubri.

    "Yesterday I close," said Zubri. "Because of mess, I lost about $1,000."

    Tony's was one of 12 businesses where burglars broke in or attempted to break in overnight Saturday into Sunday.

    The What's Cookin luncheonette in New Milford got hit, too.

    "The door was completely shattered," said manager Estephanya Andrede.

    Police have not connected all the burglaries yet, but in most cases the burglars got away with cash left in the register.

    Andrede said she normally left about $100 in the register each night. But after the burglary, she no longer planned to leave that much cash in the register.