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Missing Lady Peacock Back at Bronx Zoo



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    David Greene
    The Bronx Zoo director said the escaped peahen, pictured here, has been examined by veterinarians and seems to be fine.

    A green female peacock, called a peahen, is back in the fold at the Bronx Zoo after flying the coop on Monday.

    Weeks after a cobra escaped from her glass tank at the zoo's reptile house, the peahen made a break for it on Monday and was spotted roaming the streets of the Bronx.

    Zoo Director Jim Breheny said she was found Wednesday morning in the garage of a local business and safely corralled.

    Breheny said the bird has been examined by veterinarians and seems to be fine.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    The zoo's peacocks and peahens wander freely but usually stay inside the zoo.

    Breheny said this one peahen's out-of-zoo adventure won't change zoo policy regarding peafowl's free reign of the zoo.

    "We will keep our tradition of free-roaming peafowl at the Bronx Zoo," Breheny said." We are confident that after this peahen's recent adventure, she won't want to wander from her home at the zoo."

    The deadly snake's disappearance, however, did cause significant concern. Though the highly venomous Egyptian cobra actually never made it out of her exhibit, her disappearance lasted longer.

    The cobra was found last month in a dark corner of the reptile house, nearly a week after she went missing.

    She was named Mia, for Missing in Action.