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Firm in Khaddafy Tent Flap Admits Zoning Violation

Gets fined $1,000



    Firm in Khaddafy Tent Flap Admits Zoning Violation
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    The firm that rented Donald Trump's estate for Moammar Gadhafi's tent has been fined $1,000 for violating zoning codes, a suburban town's attorney said.
    Bedford Town Attorney Joel Sachs also says Trump is off the hook because the lease made the tenant responsible for permits.
    The tent, which the Libyan leader never visited during his United Nations stay, was taken down Sept. 23 at the town's insistence. But it was re-pitched the next day, triggering the lawsuit.

    Then the white-topped tent -- lined with a tapestry of camels and palm trees and outfitted with leather couches and coffee tables -- was taken down again.
    Sachs said Belleweather Strategies LLC pleaded guilty Thursday night and a judge levied the maximum fine. Sachs said Belleweather was an agent for the Libyan government.
    Robert Gaudioso, who represented Bellewether in court, said Friday he could not comment.

    Khalifa Khalifa, a Libyan official, had insisted the tent was legal. He said it was meant to honor the Libyan leader, although Khaddafy never made it to Bedford.
    "The tent is a symbol for the country and the president. It goes up everywhere they go,'' he said.