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Facebook Photos Spell Trouble for Teen Lacrosse Players



    Facebook Photos Spell Trouble for Teen Lacrosse Players

    Fifteen high school lacrosse players learned the hard way to be careful what you display on Facebook.

    The players from Ward Melville High School posted photos of a night of drinking, classmates said.

    Ward Melville school district officials apparently saw those photos and promptly suspended the fifteen players for today's home game against Smithtown.

    "It's not the biggest deal," said Ward Melville senior Emma Bloch.

    15 Long Island Lacrosse Players Suspended

    [NY] 15 Long Island Lacrosse Players Suspended
    The Ward Melville HS lacrosse field took the field, minus 15 players. School officials say the group had been suspended at least one game for an alcohol related incident at a private home earlier this month.
    (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    "Everyone in high school drinks.  They just shouldn't have put it out there."

    The drinking incident happened April 16 at a private home, school district officials said in a written statement.  But the statement did not specify what happened, whether it was heavy drinking, hazing or something else. 

    "Maybe it's not the smartest move to have put the photos up," said senior Teddy Ouwerkerk.

    "I guess Facebook isn't the most private after all."

    Six of the players have been suspended indefinitely, the district statement added.  It's unclear why those players are being singled out.

    But all violated the district's athletic code of conduct, according to the statement, which added that players "have an obligation to themselves, teammates and the school community to abide by that agreement."

    "I think it's fair that they are being suspended for what they did," said classmate Tori Kurtz.

    "They knew how they were supposed to behave."

    Still students to whom NBCNewYork.com spoke hoped the incident would not cost the players' any college scholarships or damage their futures.

    "I think they have already learned their lesson," said Ouwerkerk.

    Suffolk police have also confirmed they are investigating the incident.