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New Jersey Community on Alert After Reported Coyote Attack on Pet Dog

No people have been threatened by the coyotes, police say



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    Police in a northern New Jersey community are warning residents of coyote sightings and even one reported attack on a pet dog.

    Elmwood Park police sent a letter to residents informing them of multiple coyote sightings in and around the wooded area of town. They said one coyote attacked a resident's dog, causing the dog to suffer minor injuries.

    There have been no reports of coyotes threatening people.

    The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife says it's become "quite common for coyotes to enter into urban and residential areas and in many cases make small wooded areas their home,"  according to Police Captain Michael Foligno.

    He added that trapping and relocating the animals isn't currently an option, but if the coyotes at some point become aggressive towards people, they could revisit the plan.

    Coyotes generally hide from humans but in the spring, when they give birth and begin to raise litters, they concentrate their activities around dens or burrows in which the young are sheltered, according to the Humane Society, and may become defensive and territorial.

    People who encounter a coyote should never run away; instead, they're encouraged to "haze" the animal with techniques like making loud noises or throwing sticks or objects towards (but not at) the coyote.

    Anyone who encounters a coyote in Elmwood Park is asked to call 201-796-0700.

    In March, a Rockland woman reported a coyote attacked her and her dog; last summer, a Westchester family's dog was killed last summer by a coyote.

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