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Site Lets Parents Check on Nannies Outside Home



    Nanny cams may help parents keep track of their children and caretakers inside the home, but what happens when they go outside? Brynn Gingras reports on a growing trend that has neighbors filing reports online. (Published Tuesday, April 9, 2013)

    Nanny cams have long been used by parents to check on their children and their children's caretakers inside the home, but questions over how nannies work with kids outside has inspired one woman to set up a public feedback system.

    Websites like already offer a public forum for concerned parents who wonder how nannies treat their children outside the home. Two pictures on the front page recently showed nannies allegedly sleeping on park benches next to baby carriages. 

    It's sights like those that made Jill Starishevsky want to start a company.

    She set up a website called, which provides registered parents a mini license plate to attach to strollers. Then the public acts as the eyes and ears for moms and dads, and they submit critique or criticism through the site. 

    Starishevsky said the feedback varies. 

    "It's everything from, 'I saw your child being dragged across the street crying' to 'I saw your nanny smoking over your stroller,'" she said. "The only ones that don't like it are the bad nannies, and I don't care what they think." 

    Veteran nanny Bernadine Roberts agrees and encourages the Big Brother system. 

    "If there is a spy on me, I don't have a problem because I know for sure I'm not doing anything wrong," she said. 

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