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Bionic Hand Helps Brooklyn Woman Get Her Life Back



    Woman Gets Back The Gift Of Touch

    Breakthrough technology gives woman a new lease on life. (Published Wednesday, April 7, 2010)

    New technology is helping Tabitha Mullings get back her life.

    She was fitted with new prosthetic hands.

    The new technology has multi-sensors and motors that allow Mullings to pick up everyday things like a phone or keys.

    The single mother lost her feet and hands after she says she was misdiagnosed by doctors at Brooklyn Hospital Center.

    Doctors there treated her for a kidney stone and sent her home. She came back only to discover that she infact had developed a sepsis infection. Gangrene set-in and that forced the amputations. The infection also cost Mullings part of her eyesight.

    She has sued the hospital.

    In the meantime, Mullings maintains a positive attitude saying her prosthetics have made her feel whole again.