Doctors Prescribing LSD?

Take two tabs and call me in the morning

Have a headache 'This Big' that even Excedrin can't touch? A little LSD will do the trick, according to report on the Daily Beast. You'll forget your headache, your mortgage, your boss (and job), the cratering economy, healthcare reform, health, and that weird giant insect that's crawling through the kitchen. If ever there was a time for heavy mind-altering narcotics, this is it.

Not to be too flippant about it, because the headaches that one particular sufferer had were so severe they've been dubbed "suicide" headaches, but acid does seem like rather extreme therapy. Still, if you need further convincing that these are not the sort of headaches you get from the loud woman from Texas in the cubicle behind you, consider this quote from the day-tripper who dosed his headaches away: "Compared to brain surgery, taking a couple hits of LSD looked a lot more attractive.”

And things don't stop with really, really alternative medicine. The government is exploring the use of LSD in treatment. The FDA approved a clinical trial to treat cancer patients last September, and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) recently reached its fundraising goal and will begin its own trials in Switzerland, experimenting with LSD to treat personality disorders and anxiety.

These sorts of things have not been discussed, let alone attempted since the late 1960s, when the government banned LSD and Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda rode motorcycles. A return to the days of the Montauk Project must be just around the corner.

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