IPhone App Bags $600K for Developer

Made as much as $37,000 a day

Another iPhone app has brought a ton of money to its creator. This time, a clever artillery shooting game has nabbed its creator $600,000 thus far.

Ethan Nicholas created iShoot late last year in his spare time. After he would finish his shift as an engineer at Sun Microsystems, he would go home and work on coding the game while tending to his one-year-old son. The game launched in October with little success. Nicholas used some marketing skills when he found a way to promote his app. He created a free version of the game, iShoot Lite, and in the game he advertised the $3 full version of the game. The free game quickly became the number one free app. Eureka! People responded by downloading the full version 320,000 times.

"I'm not going to be a millionaire in the next month, but I'd be shocked if it didn't happen at the end of the year," he said.

Nicholas has yet to receive payment from Apple, but he will be receiving a few checks. iShoot currently sits at number six in the App Store's top 25 paid apps.

Nicholas' story has a lot more than smart marketing and hard work. He put very little money into this creation which means a huge profit margin, but who's counting at this point? Nicholas didn't spend any money on books or programs that teach coding for apps. Instead, he read websites and the good old trial and error method.

If all that money is not motivating you enough to go out and quit your day time job than consider this, Nicholas created the app while working at home taking care of his one-year-old child. Achieve the American dream at home while in your pajamas? Now that's the REAL American dream.

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