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Porn to Fly

Mile High Club goes online as airline Wi-Fi used for Internet porn.



    They lust to fly and it shows.

    American Airlines recently introduced wireless Internet access on 15 of its jets, which has lead to some passengers taking their porn addition to new heights.

    With no restrictions on access, fliers have been caught snooping at smut while 30,000 up.

    But flight attendants want the plane perverts to restore their morality to an upright position, and are asking the airline to place parental controls on the new service.

    "Our members are telling us they're concerned about it," a spokesman for the flight attendants union said. "There are certainly enough pressures in the airplane already. We don't want to add one more thing to it."

    American, however, is standing firm on its position of freedom of access.
    "We always hope our customers will use good judgment on what they view on board our aircraft and the vast majority do just that," said AA spokesman Tim Smith.

    Attendants are expected to handle any disputes that come up.

    Sarah Cronin, who was traveling with her two children in Texas, said she also understands the concern.

    "If someone's next to you, and they're watching some kind of video that you would not want your kids to see, that could be really uncomfortable," she told NBC-KXAS Dallas/Ft. Worth "So yeah, I would definitely want some kind of parental controls or something in place."

    Another woman said she didn't want her family exposed to lewd material during flights.

    "You have families traveling," Burnett King told KXAS. "Some people probably don't want to see that type of material, so I think it's a good idea to regulate it."