Why New Yorkers Are Fat

Courtesy of the New York State Health Commission

To support Governor David Paterson's proposed 18 percent tax on sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, state health commissioner Dr. Richard F. Deines made a YouTube video explaining why kids are such little fatties these days.

Turns out we each drink about eleven cans of soda a week, six more than we drank in 1975. About three of those sodas are sugar-sweetened, adding an extra thirteen pounds of sugar or 21,000 calories to our diet each year. And since most of us sit around all day, now everyone's fat.

(Note: Upstate New York is late to the whole Diet Coke thing.) If we have to pay more for it, maybe we'll drink less soda. High point: when Dr. Daines reaches below the counter to pull out a six-pound piece of fat. He totally stole that bit from Susan Powter.

Via Gothamist

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