Letterpress Telegrams

Plus the perfect broken-in beachy jeans, and the just-released full series of comedy pioneer ‘The State’ on DVD

BETTER WITH AGE: Breaking in a pair of jeans to the point where it has that perfect, summery kickabout wear-and-tear look takes time. Lots of time. In the case of AG-ed by AG Denim Collection Ex-Boyfriend Crop jeans, it takes about four years – hence the name, 4 Year damaged. $225 at AG SoHo, 111 Greene Street, 212-680-0581.

OUT OF STATE: If the catchphrase “I wanna dip my balls in it!” means anything to you, you’re likely a fan of 'The State,' the sketch show that made MTV the go-to place for comedy zeitgeist in the mid-’90s (and launched a thousand careers, including those of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black, of 'Michael & Michael Have Issues'). Finally, all 24 episodes are available on DVD, with commentary from the original cast – and the stuff is just as good as you remember. You just might want to dip your balls in it. $64.99 at J&R, 23 Park Row, 800-426-6027.

STOP: The long-forgotten telegram was the original instant message. Six 3.75″ × 6″ high-quality letterpress notecards recall those halcyon days (though the soy-ink and windpower manufacturing used here are decidedly modern). $18 at Kate’s Paperie (head here for locations).

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