Walgreens vs. Farmer's Market: Battle in Bay Ridge

The saga of Bay Ridge's quest for fresh produce is long and complex, but lately it's taken on a distinctly David and Goliath aspect, attracting the attention of this weekend's Times. When the neighborhood's lone Key Foods closed in June, locals were left without a place to buy groceries. Finally, in early October, a farmer's market opened in the parking lot of the closed supermarket, offering at least a temporary solution to the problem. But then it turned out that another corporate giant was eying the property: Walgreens.

It's possible that the drugstore will let the farmers stay, but it's equally possible that they'll kick them to the curb. A local senator has suggested that Walgreens carry fresh produce and meat for the location, but even if they don't, the worst case scenario won't be too bad—assuming Bay Ridgers don't mind living off a diet of Ritz crackers and leftover candy from Halloween and Valentine's Day.
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