Three's a Trend: Designer 3-D Sunglasses

Introducing the next big thing in designer eyewear: 3-D glasses. You know that when Gucci, Armani, and Calvin Klein are already on the trend, it's only a matter of time before other designers set their sights on the specs as well.

We reported on Gucci's $225 3-D glasses a few weeks ago, and while they seemed like an absurd fashion stunt at the time, that was before Armani jumped on the bandwagon with its own pair of $58 shades (which will be in A/X Armani Exchange stores in December, reports Fashionista).

Now we have word that CK Calvin Klein 3D shades will also be making their way to stores this December. Like the Gucci glasses, the CK versions cost a pretty penny at $180, except they serve a purpose that better merits the cost: the specs, crafted with Marchon 3D technology, feature a photocromatic capability that allows them to transition from indoor 3D glasses to outdoor UVA/UVB/UVC-protected sunglasses that you can wear anytime.

Still not convinced that it's worth your while to drop up to $225 on a pair of designer glasses meant to be worn in a dark room where no one will even notice you wearing them? Recent news that movie theaters' freebie 3D glasses are actually major breeding grounds for germs might make you think twice.

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