Richie Rich Selling Tickets to “Rock Concert” Fashion Week Show

Naturally, nothing's ever standard when it comes to East Village mainstay and fashion designer Richie Rich's parties and Fashion Week offerings -- so we wouldn't expect him to restrict his February 10 fashion week show to the normal industry crowd. (Especially when his "regular crowd" often includes folks like Pamela Anderson.) Instead, the philanthropic punk is "opening up [his] show like a rock concert this year" by selling tickets for $35 a pop here.

Proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit two of Rich's beloved charities, and Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

Rich told Fashion Indie that he also just enjoys exposing people to fashion shows for the first time: "It’s fun when people who haven’t experienced it get a chance to and see what it’s about. And it’s as much fun to watch the crowd as it is to watch the show."

The charitable element to fashion week is a refreshing -- and beneficial -- concept that seems to be catching on, not only with Rich, but several designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Gwen Stefani, Rebecca Taylor and others through organizations like charitybuzz.

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