Purse Purge: Rebecca Taylor Carries Leopard Wallet, Dinosaur Toys

Rebecca Taylor

Each season, we find ourselves smitten with one of Rebecca Taylor's quirky, ultra-feminine designs, be it the perfect silk sundress or a swishy maxi skirt. We're not alone, either: Kate Middleton herself recently wore the designer's tweed skirt suit, sparking a run on the pieces.

With her flare for unconventional details, we knew Rebecca would have a few interesting gems to be found in her Celine tote. We weren't disappointed (there's even a dinosaur toy).

1. New York Magazine: "I read New York Magazine every week, I love the articles. They are always so smart and interesting."
2. Wallet: "I love this leopard Rebecca Taylor wallet, it’s always easy to spot!"
3. Notebook: "I carry this little black notebook, which I purchased in Japan, with me all the time. I'm constantly writing ideas down."
4. Dinosour: My son Charlie is obsessed with dinosaurs! I literally find them everywhere in my house, including my handbag."
5. Make-Up Essentials: "I always have the essentials in my bag: moisturizer, eyeliner, lipstick and mascara.  It’s really all you need."
6. iPhone: "The new iPhone 4S’s camera is truly amazing—it's super quick, and the pictures are of the best quality. It came in real handy this fashion week while photographing models during fittings!"

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