Purse Purge: Ann Yee Carries Safety Pins and Perfume

Rising New York design star Ann Yee is making a name for herself with cool-girl separates and distinctive silhouettes (picture twist-front blouses and perfectly cropped trousers). 

Having worked for the likes of Barneys, LaRok, Alice & Olivia and Elizabeth and James, Yee is poised to become the next big name in fun, wearable fashion design. We were pleased to find her handbag contents as cheerful and funky as the designer herself, complete with playing cards, unusual reading material, and jewelry supplies.

1. Water: "Hydration -- a must when running around the Garment Center."

2. Instant Camera: "Prepared to capture everything and anything I can add to my inspiration board."

3. Orbit Gum: "Sweet mint: my favorite!"

4. A Spare Ring: "This one is great because it double functions as a mirror when you open it!"

5. Tiny Bottle of Perfume: "Always comes in handy."

6. Playing Cards: "Never bored."

7. "Cornflakes with John Lennon," by Robert Hilburn: "Reading for the train."

8. Makeup Forever #36 Lipstick: "I cannot live without my daily mask!"

9. My Lucky Lighter, Max: "He's been with me since I moved to NYC."

10. A Micron Pen and Post-Its: "Perfect for quick sketches and note-taking."

11. Tape Measure and Safety Pins: "Surprise fittings always come up."

12. ANN YEE Knit Braid Necklace: "A great complement to any outfit." 

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