One to Watch: Evil Twin's Music-Festival Chic

Jodie McKenzie of Sydney-based label, Evil Twin, named her debut collection after an unfortunate high-school nickname. "Well, I have a twin sister," she laughed. "In high school, 'Evil Twin' was one of my nicknames because I was the worst behaved out of the two of us."

McKenzie might have been the worst behaved, but she is certainly one of the best-dressed ladies Down Under. Her line -- an amalgam of rock n' roll staples (think star spangled cut-offs and tie-dye tank dresses) and girly printed separates -- epitomizes the undone, effortless chic we've come to associate with her native Sydney.

"Evil Twin is very music influenced," explains McKenzie. "My sister works in the industry and we go to a lot of festivals and live shows together. The punk [and] alternate rock music scenes and festival fashions are constant sources of inspiration for me."

While McKenzie keeps herself informed about the latest catwalk trends, the sidewalk is the real setting for her designs.  "I find I'm heavily drawn to what I call 'real girl fashion,'" she explains. "Most of my inspiration comes from people watching girls on the street and thrifted clothing."

And starting this season, those same 'real girls' can enjoy McKenzie's debut collection of accessories along with their perfectly frayed overalls: spiky metal rings, skull brooches and medieval crosses might double as weaponry in a particularly aggressive mosh pit.

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