One Shot: Naomi Campbell Closes the Cavalli Show in Milan

Getty Images

It's always noteworthy to see a supermodel on the runway at Fashion Week -- note the buzz around Gisele on the Alexander Wang runway in New York -- so there was an appropriate amount of hooplah surrounding the appearance of Naomi Campbell on the catwalk at the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan yesterday.

Naomi is one of the few original supers still working a catwalk, so it's exceedingly rare for her to make an appearance -- she last walked a major runway for the Louis Vuitton show with Kate Moss last March -- and she looked every bit the professional in a dramatic plunging gown.

Campbell appears in the spring ads for Cavalli, so it's likely that her runway walk is an extension of that partnership.

The fashion week train rolls to its final stop tomorrow -- Paris -- making Campbell's cameo a fitting end to Milan's run.

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