More on Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s: “Some of it Will be a Reach”

Karl Lagerfeld for Macys
Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

The anticipation surrounding Karl Lagerfeld's guest collection for the Macy's Impulse department continues to build, with additional details surfacing today in WWD.

According to the report, the 45-piece collection spans a $50-$170 range at the top end of Macy's price points, and will enjoy a limited run of six to eight weeks (or until it sells out, whichever comes first). Jeff Gennette described the collection as "quintessential Lagerfeld", with pieces like statement jackets and dresses with both soft and structured silhouettes, and, occasionally, featuring the trademark high collar.

Sketches show a prim, tailored gray sheath dress and a mini-skirt-and-blazer combo, while the report also outlined a color palette of soft and "shocking" pinks, gray, black and croc-print on flowy tops, jackets and leggings. The August issue of Vogue also featured as its Steal of the Month a $109 day dress from the collection that Lagerfeld called "a coup d'oeil to the dresses I designed for Chloe and the girlish, more romantic mood of the seventies."

According to Gennette, it packs a bit of an edge: “It’s all fashion,” he said. “Some of it customers will get right away — some of it will be a reach.”

Lagerfeld, who described the experience as "a kind of test how to do this kind of clothes in that price range," seems pleased with the results, telling WWD: “To work with the Macy’s team was extremely pleasant."

As reported, the designer seems to have come a long way since his 2004 collection for H&M, which some credit as the impetus for the high-low collaboration trend. At the time, he lamented the wide size run, but did put a visibly personal touch on the line. how his co-branding approach has evolved over time—he's since worked with Hogan, Diesel and several European lifestyle brands—will soon be revealed.

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