Hudson's New $995 Resurrection Jeans

Just when you thought the denim bubble had burst and we were entering into a brave new world of affordable jeans, Hudson introduces the $995 Resurrection line.

Hudson's latest collection is dubbed Resurrection for its repurposed fabrics pieced together into one-of-a-kind styles. Because of the craftsmanship and blend of premium materials that go into each pair, they're retailing for nearly six figures.  We should clarify that one-of-a-kind does not mean bespoke to the wearer in this case, and hints of detailing like sideways back pockets and arbitrary zipper embellishment aren't quite enough to sell us yet on the steep price tag. 

On the other hand, plain old Hudsons do have a magical fit, and the denim used in Resurrection's new styles comes sourced from top quality mills in Japan and Italy.  

There's certainly the philosophy that if you find the right fit, you're entitled to splurge a little bit, but for us, that likely tops out around $275. That said, we're sure there are those who can afford to buy whatever exquisite denim they so choose.

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