Gaga Is Playing Large Role in Formichetti's New Mugler

In a new interview, Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti reveals his interest in reviving cult '80s label Thierry Mugler, and the extent of his pop star collaborator's influence on the burgeoning brand.

In many ways, Formichetti is a perfect fit for the new Thierry Mugler -- now called simply "Mugler." The newly-installed creative director tells WWD he shares a "pop-culture punk" quality with brand's original creator, who also had no formal training in design, and has a similar trademark for a more avant-garde brand of fashion: Where Mugler created the motorcycle bustier ensemble seen in George Michael's "Too Funky" video, Formichetti spurred Lady Gaga to wear a dress made out of meat. Formichetti, like Mugler, seems very much a part of the pop culture universe -- less interested in the fashion industry than in fashion itself. “I didn’t look at it as fashion. It was pop culture,” Formichetti recalled. “Out of all the incredible designers that I loved, he was the one.”

In keeping with that ideal, Formichetti hopes the new Mugler will have a similar appeal. "I want people to get excited again, not only fashion people," he told WWD. That said, Formichetti plans to take the brand in a new direction:

He was about superhumans. For me, it’s a little more emotional, romantic. I want to give dreams and fantasy and all those things — and I want people to wear those clothes.

While it was expected that Gag would play some part in the new Mugler, it seems she is more like an informal partner in the new venture. Not only has Gaga remixed an as-yet-unreleased track from her upcoming album as an exclusive soundtrack for the upcoming menswear show, the two have also created a video that will make its debut on the Mugler runway and online on and simultaneously.

In addition, Formichetti tells WWD that he will be designing custom Mugler costumes for Gaga's upcoming album art and performances, and WWD reports that Gaga will most likely work closely with Formichettin on the design of the new Mugler womenswear line, set to make its big debut March 1 in Paris.


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