Dov Charney Says American Apparel is “Getting Its Groove Back”

Between lawsuits and debt woes, American Apparel had a particularly rough 2011, so it stands to reason that CEO Dov Charney took an opportunity to make a statement about the company's strong showing in December.

Thanks to a Groupon promotion that, according to WWD, sold more than 100,000 deals for the company, American Apparel reportedly increased sales 15 percent in December.

As WWD reports, the CEO addressed a group in San Antonio, saying, "We’re getting our groove back a bit ... We’re methodically going through each door, inspecting them and looking for ways to improve productivity."

The company still has a long road ahead, considering it owes a reported $47.6 million to a Bank of America credit facility and $114 million to Lion Capital. After a series of deals that infused the brand with extra cash and may have saved it from bankruptcy, Charney himself no longer owns a majority stake in the company.

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