Designer Playlist: Species by the Thousands Designer Jams to Steely Dan, Grateful Dead

Erica Bradbury of Species by the Thousands once described her design aesthetic as "a 1970s craft book, the Halloween section." Interestingly, the same sense of mystery and whimsy that informs her jewelry collections seems to extend to the designer's summer 2012 playlist, from Steely Dan classics to Donovan's "Season of the Witch."

"C30, C60, C90, Go!," Bow Wow Wow - "It's wild and angry sounding for hot summer days in the city."

"Automatic," Pointer Sisters - "In the summer, electronics usually malfunction in the heat...and it seems to reflect that. Although I'm not sure what the song is actually about, really. I just like the beat."

"Sailing," Christopher Cross - "I wish somebody would invite me to go on their yacht and cruise the Rockaways. But instead, I'll listen to this while sipping a Miller High Life on the Staten Island Ferry."

"I Confess," The English Beat - "This song is a party boat—a booze cruise in the '80s or '90s or even now."

"Ricky Don't Lose That Number," Steely Dan
- "Everyone loves Steely Dan on Long Island. And Long Island Iced Teas."

"Touch of Grey," The Grateful Dead - "To me, this song is about being a teen in the early '90s and most adults don't understand. I didn't like this song in the early '90s. But I like it now in my mid 30s...I don't know what to say about this song except I like it."

"They Don't Know," Tracey Ullman - "It's all about cooling off in the grocery store when it gets really really hot outside."

"I Wonder If I Take You Home," Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam - "It feels like dressing racy at a street fair...and I love it."

"Gypsy Woman," Brian Hyland
- "Late-night camping, secrets and ghost stories around the fire pit...Stephen King and summer magic."

"Season of the Witch," Donovan - "Kicking the leaves, waiting for summer and heat to end and fall to arrive with its mysteries and tales."

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