Clippings: A Plug Beats Out Alexander McQueen Edition

- Proving that fashion doesn't always get all the glamorous awards, a plug that can fold down flat (for storage or travel) beat out Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection for Design of the Year in London earlier this week. The winning design was created by a Royal Academy of Art student, Min-Kyu Choi. [Vogue UK]

- JWoww showed up to support a random cosmetics line at some Upper East Side Italian eatery last night, and it sounds like an odd scene -- though not in a wild, "Jersey Shore" kind of way, more like a weird, "why is this happening" kind of way.  [Racked]

- To celebriate the brand's 100 years in the business, Ermenildo Zegna has created what's probably the most expensive suit in the world, priced at $22,500. Not surprisingly, it's also being made in a very limited quantity -- only 20 will be produced. [T Magazine

- Louis Vuitton, Coach, and other luxury purveyors aren't the only ones looking to fight counterfeiters in the industry -- Polo and The North Face are using a federal lawsuit to try and shut down a legion of Chinese websites that the companies allege are taking advantage of their names and likeness. Given the visual evidence, we might have to agree they've got a case. [WWD]

- In case you've been living under a rock, Katherine Heigl had a major dress malfunction last night and exposed way more than we're sure she ever would have intended at an event in Las Vegas last night. The Cut bets a poor alteration job is to blame. [The Cut]

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