Bruce Willis Signs Fragrance Deal

As off-key as it may sound, the action star behind "Die Hard" and "Cop Out" is planning to enter into the celebrity fragrance market, which raises the question: What, exactly, does Bruce Willis smell like?

Willis has inked a deal with cometics maker LR Health & Beauty Systems, and is apparently planning to launch his first men's scent as early as July 1, according to WWD.

Celebrity fragrances seem to be on the rise of late, after having enjoyed a boom with starlets like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Most recently, in addition to mega-stars like Beyonce launching scents (the star's is called "Heat"), Jennifer Aniston recently announced the name of her new scent, Willis' ex-wife, Demi Moore, recently launched a perfume with Helena Rubenstein called "Wanted." Cosmetics labels have also been starting to pull some serious A-list talent to front their wares, like Julia Roberts, who's signed on to become the face of Lancome.

That said, Bruce Willis is probably one of the most ... well ... masculine talents to pull a fragrance deal of late, making us wonder what, if anything, Bruce Willis smells like. If his films are any indication, we'd bet sweat and gun powder, which could be pretty cool. We also kind of hope it has a name like "Hoss" or "Diesel," though we sincerely doubt we'll get our wish.

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