Clippings: Anna Wintour Shakes Up Milan Fashion Week Edition

- How does one gauge the full scope of Anna Wintour's power? By her ability to change the entire schedule at Milan Fashion Week by switching up her travel plans. The Vogue editrix has apparently trimmed her stay in Milan, and thusly designers are scrambling to make sure they show within her window -- much to the dismay of the week's organizers, of course. [WSJ via The Cut]

- Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Daphne Guiness (wearing a massive black lace shroud and cape) all turned out to pay their respects to the late Alexander McQueen this morning in London. [Vogue UK]

- The New York Post's review of the Met's new opera, "Attila," seems to focus more on the Prada costumes than the singing. But, then, if we realized midway through Pope Leo's appearance that he was wearing Prada loafers, we might have stopped paying attention to the plot too. [NY Post]

- Vogue's new app is pretty cool in that in allows you to flip through spring trends (carefully coinciding with the magazine's March issue, the bible for spring fashion) and offers styling advice. That said, don't think we haven't all notice how the advertisors really get the best deal, since their products are the ones you can click through to buy. [Racked]

- Most OMG-worthy news of today: "Zoolander 2" is apparently in the works. Cue "walk off" and "turning left" jokes! [PopcornBiz]

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