A Chic Solution to a Typical Bike Helmet: Wear an Equestrian One

It's hardly news that bikes are going through a rather stylish revival lately. No longer designated as the primary vehicles for messengers and take-out delivery men, bicycles have quickly become the main mode of transport for everyone from hipsters huffing over the Williamsburg Bridge, to parents carting their kids to school before hitting the local greenmarket. In part, they're a solution to the rising MTA costs. They also satsfy our urges to look European. And, like most trends, if all your friends have one, then you better get pedaling.

About a month ago we came across Maya Singer's proposal on Style.com for a stylish bike helmet, while reflecting on that same conundrum ourselves. Simply put: chic protective helmets are nearly impossible to come by. Singer eventually found a solution in a knit crochet-like cover, while our own fashionable fix was the result of cleaning out a closet: an old riding helmet.

Think about it: Whether you're wearing a flirty floral dress and thick tights, or jeans and tall boots, what better way to channel your inner blue-blood than with a winsome, equestrian-chic topper? There's something even mod-like about the shape, and black velvet is especially cool this fall. Find a vintage helmet on Ebay, or get yourself a new one at any equestrian retailer (this one pictured is $100 at State Line Tack), before mounting up.

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