The Secret Life of 255 East 74th Street

Broker-blogger Andrew Fine says the world has been sleeping on 255 East 74th Street, and maybe he's right. We've done a Development Du Jour and one check-in on the 30-story condo tower at Second Avenue, but it just feels like an unknown. Perhaps it's because on the Upper East Side, you need a name like Georgica, Brompton or Lucida to stick out from the pack. Well, now the building looks about done, and Fine has an update:

Nobody talked about it very much and it turns out they didn't need much press in selling units that range all the way up to $4000/ft., not too shabby for Second Avenue! The building is well over 90% sold. If there was an award for best execution and success of sales, marketing, and getting the price point, this building clearly ranks at the top of the heap.

Holy moly, $4k/sqft? Family-sized (3BR+) apartments are a powerful thing, friends.
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