The $250 Cheesesteak (Recipe)

For the price of an iPod, BB Sandwich Bar -– who boast “the best damn cheesesteak, period” -– will teach you all their secrets

Remember that urban legend about the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe a woman was outraged to be charged $250 for, so she gave it out to everyone she met? The BB Sandwich Bar tale is kind of like that, except not, in that it’s not an urban legend – it’s on Craigslist.

If you’ve ever had a cheesesteak at West 3rd Street’s BB Sandwich Bar – the self-dubbed “best damn cheesesteak, period” -- then you know how they taste (yes, we’re being willfully vague here; we’ve always found the sandwich crazy overhyped, but that’s us). So here’s the question: Would you pay $250 for the recipe? Because that’s what they’re charging – in a Craigslist ad.

But don’t worry: You’ll be allowed – rather, encouraged – to take the recipe and build your own business on it. Yep, for $250, the BB owner “will provide you with the secret ingredients, recipe and the method of creating this unbelievable money making product,” complete with “all the specific details so you too can blow away your patrons.” Check out the full excerpt on Grub Street.

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