Stella McCartney to Make Shoes with Morrissey

While rumors of a proposed clothing line with Leona Lewis were crushed, Stella McCartney revealed she's actually collaborating with an even more compelling vegetarian: cult pop singer Morrissey.

As Grazia points out, the two seem to be a perfect match given their vehemently meat-free lifestyles (McCartney hasn't used animal products in her designs for over a decade, while Morrissey even titled an album "Meat is Murder"). Most interestingly, the two are collaborating on the clothing item that's often most difficult to keep from compromising on -- footwear. As the designer told the Daily Mail: "We are still in the early stages but the shoes could be launched next year."

While McCartney has been designing vegan footwear for some time now, it will no doubt be welcome to both men and women to have her name added to the roster of animal-free shoes, considering how shapeless and less-than-tantalizing they can often be (with, of course, exceptions like Brazilian footwear label Melissa Shoes, also often known for collaborating with well-known talents).

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