Stars and Their Magic Pills

"Limitless," the upcoming thriller starring Bradley Cooper, is a film about a powerful little pill and its far-reaching effects.

Niteside was on the red carpet Tuesday evening, asking which skills the film's stars would want to possess if there were a medication capable of magnifying talent.

“I’d probably do what [my character] Eddie did, which is learn as many languages and dialects as I could,” Cooper said. “I have all these instruments lying around my house that I don’t know how to play. It’s a constant reminder of what I don’t know how to do,” the actor added. “I’d learn those right away.”

Abbie Cornish, Cooper’s onscreen romantic counterpart, said she'd like two pills.

"Go on two adventures," she said. “I feel like there’s something you could really do to help the world with one of those pills. That’d be awesome.”

“In regards to the second pill, I feel like right now in my life I would probably learn how to speak Spanish. I would love to do that," she added. "I probably would learn how to play the harp.”

T.V. Carpio, who appears briefly in a heated and steamy scene at the beginning of the movie, told Niteside, “I’d like to be able to pick up any language in the world because I love communicating with people. And I’d love to be able to cook up any meal that I like. I love to eat!”

Alyssa Milano had a different dream.

“I’d like for [the pill] to make me the shortstop of the Dodgers!”

The stars were out Tuesday night at Relativity Media’s world premiere of Limitless, held at Regal Union Square 14.

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