Report: The Zoe Report

We scurried to our inboxes this morning to find the debut Rachel  Zoe newsletter waiting for us, chock full of advice on how to wear Brian Atwood's racy leopard print platform pumps. That said, our review in this office is mixed.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's first email showcased high fashion's boisterous boy toy, Brian Atwood, and his newest piece de resistance, the Lola.  Not only does RZ wax philisophical over the greatness of the special shoe we'd only previously seen on Megan Fox and in our dreams (strutting around our bedroom in a fantasy fashion montage), she also clarifies the ease of rocking such an item at a hot event (oh, so many of those!) or during the day (look out, 30 Rock!). Gone are the days of mother's reassurance that navy blue blazer will last forever, we've moved on to Ms. Zoe's conviction that these Lolas are a must-have staple our wardrobes. 

All that said, we also recognize that a pair of $680, leopard-print, sky-high heels are not exactly a fall investment staple for everyone. Now, we definitely appreciate the "escape reality" aspect of cooing over a sexy shoe in the morning, but weren't you, too, imagining there might be some video styling advice or a slideshow or something for the big newsletter kick-off? We wanna go inside Rachel Zoe's closet! Sigh.

Regardless, we did appreciate the budget suggestion of Steve Madden waiting in the wings.  And we also appreciate the Zoe lexicon breakdown of shootie, which is, obvi, a shoe+bootie.

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