RackedWire: Steampunk Fashion Show in Brooklyn, Faith Report Drops

CARROLL GARDENSThe Brooklyn Indie Market, located under a large tent on Smith Street near Union Street, has a special event planned for late October. On the 25th, they'll be hosting a Steampunk fashion show at 2pm, and will dedicate the day to vintage style. There will also be a Steampunk talk and reading, a DJ, and "Victorian inspired refreshments." [RackedWire]

MANHATTANPrudential retail real estate agent Faith Hope Consolo has just issued another of her "Faith Reports" (warning: .PDF) today discussing store openings in Manhattan. Most of the report is old hat, but for those who don't keep up with openings, it's a helpful look at newcomers divided by neighborhood. One thing: How did we overlook the fact that Otte has a new boutique at 1281 Madison Avenue and 91st Street? [Faith Report]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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