Publisher Peter Brant: Interview Has Always Been “Very Edgy”

Interview magazine publisher Peter Brant credited the famed glossy's longevity to the art-loving types who have run it for the past four decades beginning with its founder Andy Warhol.

"I think it's always been very edgy," Brant said at the magazine's 40th anniversary party last night. "Art is one of the first parts of the culture that advance forward." 

Stars like Naomi Campbell, Chloe Sevigny, Kelly Cutrone and Whitney Port attended the graffiti- and mural-filled bash at Good Units, the shiny new space at the Hudson Hotel where the magazine celebrated 40 years in the business.

The party christened the brand-new venue in the remodeled lower levels of the boutique hotel, which once housed a court and swimming pool when it was a YMCA in the 1930s.

Featuring pop culture icons from Elizabeth Taylor to Pee Wee Herman on its stylized covers, Interview has been the province of counter-culture tastemakers for 40 years. It unveiled its latest digital content on a spiffy new iPad.

"It was an artist magazine, and it’s always been run by people that have always been very interested in art,” he Brant said.

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