The Round-Up: Tuesday

Fed scrambles for options as world financial markets tumble in wake of bailout plan's rejection. [NY Times]

Many NY Housing Authority elevator staff—including half the inspection personnel—also work second jobs for private elevator companies. [NY Times]

Dispute rages over the future of Sheepshead Bay’s landmark seafood joint—Lundy’s. [NY Times]

Fans scour Shea for a piece of Mets nostalgia. [NY Times]

Margot Gayle—famed NYC preservationist responsible for saving 26 blocks of Soho—dies at 100. [NY Times]

More gay couples have kids in the Bronx than in any other borough. [NY Times]

NYC Transit would need $100 million (or $250,000 per station) to keep the city’s subway system clean enough. [NYDN]

Brooklyn’s diverse job market to stand strong against economic rip tide. [NYDN]

Bronx businesses angry over predatory parking ticket practices they claim are driving away costumers. [NYDN]

There’s office space aplenty in Bronx’s Pelham Bay with the opening of the Hutchinson Metro Center. [NYDN]

Two Queens boulevards following different business paths. [NYDN]

Queens foreclosures jump 49 percent in August, while foreclosure in the remaining boroughs drop 29 percent. [NYDN]

Realty Check: NYC real estate keeps chugging along with two financial firms coming to 40 West 57th Street and three new tenants, including the Government of Flanders, coming to the Ratner-owned floors of the NY Times tower. [NY Post]

As Atlantic Yards remains in legal limbo, Ratner pushes back the start date for construction of his NBA arena. [NY Post]

Who profits when bedbugs run rampant? The exterminators, of course. [NY Sun]

Wall Street crisis to cost New York State $3.5 billion in tax revenue and 40,000 finance jobs. [NY Sun]

Top officials dropped at Freddie and Fannie as the newly-regulated companies move toward a “flatter” management configuration. [WSJ]

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