What We Learned About Models From Coco Rocha's New Blog

We're not quite sure what's gotten into models lately, but for some reason they're dead set on letting laymen like you and us in on what it's really like to be them. Coco Rocha is the latest to put her world on the Internet for the enlightenment of the general public. That's right — she's a blogger now! We've perused her new blog, Oh So Coco (so you don't have to!), and can now say with utter confidence that we are in the dark no longer. She explains she had to keep her new red hair a secret because Vogue had the exclusive on it and it couldn't be seen anywhere else until the issue came out. Also, she's really excited to go to Australia for the holidays, where she'll lie on the beach all covered up under an umbrella. Eye-opening videos include this ten-minute montage of Coco photos, precluded by footage of Coco and Behati Prinsloo wearing sunglasses during what appears to be the daytime and bouncing around to music. We can also reveal Coco brushes her teeth, because she videotaped that, too! So in sum, being a model is all about making silly faces at cameras all day. Now we know.

Oh So Coco via Fashion Week Daily

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