Video: Karl Lagerfeld Gives Britney Spears German Bambi Award

Aaaand we're back! If you, like us, are suffering a Britney hangover from MTV's Britney-thon last night in honor of the premiere of her new, eye-opening documentary, Britney: For the Record (was anyone else a tad disturbed when her dad called her footwear "hooker shoes"?), we have the perfect cure: more Britney! While you were stuffing your face full of turkey last Thursday, Germany was handing out its annual Bambi Awards. They're given in various media categories, like television and movies, and Britney Spears received one this year, presented by His German Fashion Holiness, Karl Lagerfeld. In a stately one-man procession, Karl marches up to the stage in a sequin-trimmed tux, cradling the golden Bambi statue like a newborn. He hands it to Britney and says, "[You are] coming back not only as a phoenix, but as a bird of paradise." Britney stands there with a gawky smile and an even more awkward circus outfit (rescue her, Karl), but at least she's got her sexy back. Click through to watch.

Britney Spears Fan Karl Lagerfeld Stuns Meg Ryan at Awards Show [Defamer]

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